About This Repository

This repository is DCE’s instance of Tenejo, dedicated to demonstrating the possibilities of a fully-hosted repository solution. 

Our deep experience building and managing repositories has exposed us to the challenges many institutions face getting building, managing, and maintaining their digital repositories. We developed Tenejo to make it easier for our customers to focus on managing their collections because we manage the technology.

Tenejo leverages all the benefits of open source, community-driven & built technologies like SamveraHyraxIIIF, and Blacklight to give our customers a robust repository solution without needing dedicated technical staff. And you’ll never have to worry about vendor lock-in. You’ll always maintain control of your content. 


To learn more about Tenejo, DCE, and the technology stack, check out these links:


Email us at contact@curationexperts.com – for a personalized demo or to get your Tenejo-powered repository underway.